European Parliament
Tanja Fajon - S&D (Slovenia)


Eliane Maes

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Position Paper for the European Parliament

Tanja Fajon - Socialists and Democrats

Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard

Freedom of movement is the greatest achievement of the European Union, it is the basic right of every European citizen concerning fair and efficient asylum systems, protection and integration of immigrants in the member states. Schengen is a symbol of Europe, protecting the freedom of travel is one of the foremost necessities in our continent. The current challenges faced by the European Union can only be overcome by promoting a sense of solidarity among the Member States. All EU countries must share the burden of protection and integrate people in need. Tackling today's challenges and preserving Schengen requires an ambitious Dublin reform.

Regarding the recent debates in the EU and the disagreements between member states, especially on the fair relocation of refugees within the European Union, it is of the greatest importance that the EU aims for an European approach on migration and asylum seekers. The security of Europe’s southern borders security are at concern of all member states. The S&D group urges f...