European Parliament
Liisa Jaakonsaari - S&D (Finland)


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**Position Paper for the European Parliament

Delegate: Vrontou Eleftheria

Represented by Liisa Jaakonsaari - S&D (Finland)

Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard Regulation

The migration crisis has been one of the most challenging topics on the European scene over the last years. In 2015, the European Union had to face a huge immigration movement, with 1.5 million people crossing the borders illegally. The problems that have forced those people to leave their country were various, such as the war, the persecution, the famine and the poverty. In their effort to find a better life, they also had to face great difficulties, because many countries do not allow them to pass their internal borders, but contrariwise they impose strict measures to them. However, there are some countries that they accept the migrants, but they only allow them to remain a short period of time, with a lot of restrictions.

Unfortunately, the European Union was not ready for that irregular migration and ma...