European Parliament
Catherine Bearder - ALDE (United Kingdom)


Bálint Kozma

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Position Paper on the Agenda Representing the United Kingdom Under the name of the parliamentarian Catherine Bearder ALDE By Bálint Kozma

1. The European Union is now facing a tremendous challenge deriving from the recently increased massive migration flows stimulated by the warfare situations on the Middle East. Hereby, the European Union is not only concerned about its inefficient decision-making process, but about rising populism and security issues as well. Within the Schengen Area, in the lack of internal border control, this mass influx cannot be handled and effectively dealt with, therefore further security measures have been and still have to be made.

The United Kingdom, considering the EU border cooperation, has a special position on these issues due to the fact that it is not a party of the Schengen Agreement, therefore retains a significant part of sovereignty on its own border control and security legislation. Even though, the UK seems to be a temporary member, it still advocates for cooperation and expresses concerns about the future relationship, therefore it would be beneficial and sensible to...