European Parliament
Jean Arthuis - ALDE (France)


Lena Piepke

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Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard

The European Union is an attempt to unify and collect the strength of many. It aims to create a more beneficial and efficient system regarding cultural, personal and economical exchange within Europe. One core here is the Schengen Agreement declared in 1985. It was an drastic innovation regarding the universal principle of sovereignty: the member states who joined the Schengen Area gave up their inner border control. The ALDE acknowledges the concept of the Schengen Area to be a fundamental base for the European Union and its corresponding idea Happenings and developments in Europe as the migrations crisis and terror attacks caused a serious treat to the concept of Schengen. The ALDE aims to take measures to protect it regarding current occurring.

We advocate, that a soltuion to the problem of illegal border crossing and unregulated migration to the Schengen area can just be found on a European level. So we support the establishment of a more strong and efficient European Border and Coast Guard. But there have to be some regulations to provide that there is on one hand more safety in Schengen area but also that the ...