European Parliament
Norica Nicolai - ALDE (Romania)


Lionel Legrand

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European Parliament Norica Nicolai – ALDE (Romania) Represented by: Lionel Legrand

Topic A: European Border and Costal Guard

The so-called “refugee crisis” experienced in 2015 by the European Union is a key symptom of its lack of cooperation, courage and sustainable solutions. Within the Schengen agreement, the EU abandoned its internal borders but forgot to manage its external borders. A first step to tackle this issue is the Commission’s proposal COM (2015) 671 aiming at strengthening Frontex Agency by creating a European Border and Costal Guard Agency.

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) is strongly committed to ensure the free movement of people within the EU – a fundamental European value. Hence, the Schengen Agreement must be pres...