European Parliament
Indrek Tarand - Greens (Estonia)


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Position Paper

Committee: European Parliament

Country: Estonia, Indrek Tarand (Greens)

Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard

Millions of EU citizens and citizens from third countries travel through and out of Europe everyday. However due to armed conflicts, particularly in Syria, the numbers of irregular migrants have exploded dramatically. Between 2009 – 2014 there has been 813044 cases of illegally crossed borders in total. Comparatively, in 2015 1553614 cases were detected. In light of the tremendous number of refugees many Member States of the EU are facing massive immigration pressure at their respective external borders. The national border guard systems concerned are not capable to overcome the unprecedented pressure on their own.

In addition, the EU Member States are faced with serious terror threats. Estonia strongly recommends the EU to act jointly to find solutions from the proliferation of terrorism and extremism. The multiple terror attacks do not confine to various Member States, but is a grave concern of all of Europe. Estonia believes that to ensure a high level of internal security as w...