European Parliament
Peter Lundgren - EFDD (Sweden)


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European Border and Coast Guard

The Swedish integration policy implemented at national level over the last few years now shows its limits, and the European failure to secure and contain migration flows raises questions about the effectiveness of the Schengen area and the collective European capacity in managing these flows of people. Countries are therefore isolated and are suffering the effects of a Europe that fails to assure stability with the recent migratory movements linked to the crisis taking place in the Middle East nowadays. The creation of a border guard does not seem to be a real solution in perspective of sovereignty concern, but might be a necessary first step to tighten the gaps in a porous European area with the internationalization of terrorism. The phenomenon of uncontrolled and unorganized immigration has led Europe to last minute security attempts; it is up to the states to secure their own borders and to apply a national policy representative of the state’s necessities. Sweden is a multicultural nation based on a solid democratic social dynamic, the regulation (EC) No 562/2006 can al...