European Parliament
David Borrelli - EFDD (Italy)


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Position Paper for the European Parliament by David Borrelli – EFDD (Italy)

personified by Youri De Brabander (University of Antwerp)

A: European Border and Coast Guard

Europe is facing the worst migration crisis since the Second World War and Italy is at the front line. Considering all the difficulties which come along with this, it seems in place to start by thanking the Italian Coast Guard and all other actors involved in saving and taking care of the refugees.

The need for urgent and drastic measures is all too clear to everybody. Having said this, it can be further stated that the existence of national borders and the sovereignty of the democratic nation states that constitute the Union should not be jeopardised. We have to oppose Europe’s plans to control our national borders. Italian waters should be guarded by the Italian coast guard and they’re already doing a great job at it. The MEP’s of the EFDD movement will not give up on sovereignty so easily. The problems lie elsewhere.

An European Coast Guard will not solve the problem of mass immigration. We ask for policies which regulate migration direct...