European Parliament
Syed Kamall - ECR (United Kingdom)


Obidhon Ganiev

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Topic 1. European Border and Coast Guard

In the year of 2015, the European Union had trouble within its external borders that approximately 1.5 individuals broke down the borders and crossed illegally between January and November of the year. The European Union’s external borders experienced in large scale of the mixed migratory flows through Italy and Greece and those movements clearly identified that existing structure tending to control and monitor these such a large influx at Union and Member States level are not capable to tackle the challenges. In fact, Irregular migration through the external borders of one Member State might influence all other Member States within the Schengen area. As a result, the reintroduction of internal border control in different countries belonging to Schengen area restricts free trade and movement around Schengen are in order to prevent and secure the individual member ...