European Parliament
Gianni Pittella - S&D (Italy)


Jacopo Sala

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POSITION PAPER 1. S&D EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT 1.1The S&D group, that is the “Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats”, is the leading group about the parties of center-left wing in the European Parliament and the second about members since the elections of 1999. It is also the second oldest political groups in the European Parliament after ALDE, but it adopted the current name on 23rd June 2009. It is composed by 191 members coming from all 28 UE member countries.


2.1The two major problems concerning European borders and coast guard regulation are immigration and terrorism. The S&D group believes in the principles of human dignity and equality under the law is the fundamental of a right and democratic society. We have leaded the fight against the discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality in the treatise of UE- juridical base for EU actions. In fact the S&D leads a positive approach about legal immigration and integration, against the augment of xenophobia and anti-immigration rhetoric about the radical right wing and promotes a constant improvement about integration politics on national and European level (especially to grant the inclusion and the education of migrants’ sons). 2.2 We are fighting for a multicultural and diverse Europe that respects the basics rights and the dignity of migrants, encouraging integration. Actually we are doing a campaign until that the Commission extends a general protection on all forms of discrimination, despite of the opposition of the most part of the right wing of the Council. We want also the Commission revises the actual prevailing decisions about penal endorsements against racism and the xenophobia in a way which can include all forms of crime of hate. As we can guarantee to the second and third generation of migrants, who are born and grown in the UE and they are part of the European society, to be allowed to get the UE citizenship, without being imposed by the high levels.
2.3 To allow this improvement our group wants to achieve a common European asylum system in order to harmonise and improve the reception conditions, the treatment of unaccompanied minors, the reasons and the conditions of detention, legal access to services, the training of officials, the time limits for procedures on arrival and procedures for emergency situations. In this way, we can ensure that the system is not abused and that the decisions taken are correct and respect the basic rights of asylum seekers. In particular them, because they are the most vulnerable groups, and so we must have a clear, accessible and fair asylum procedure which sets out clearly the rights and obligations of asylum seekers and EU countries. 2.4 From the beginning of this term, the Group has repeatedly reiterated the call for the EU to adopt a holistic approach to migration covering all aspects of equitable sharing of responsibility, solidarity between Member States, from human trafficking to the role of Frontex and of EASO (European Asylum Support Office, European asylum Office). We want the EU: • Secure access routes and legal developments in the EU for refugees and asylum seekers • Ensures that the common European asylum System is implemented fully and appropriately • Strengthen resettlement policy • Bring along with non-EU countries a consistent approach with our policies on immigration, visas, international development and Foreign Affairs • Make sure immigration resources are well spent. 2.5 In addition to this problem our last goal is not only to deal with immigration related issues and “fitful” , but, more importantly, seize the opportunities about legal immigration, both for the countries receiving migrants both for countries of origin. Before the European elections, we achieved a positive result with the directive on seasonal workers. Today we continue to ask the European Union new channels for legal immigration and want that on this issue the Commission, in reviewing their own agenda, are extremely ambitious. For our part, we will continue to support a fair, balanced and human approach to immigration in the EU. 2.6 Concerning with criminality we need a positive European approach in respect of organized crime and in particular against the trafficking and exploitation of human beings, of corruption in politics and sports, and the threats to the EU's financial interests. In a period of social and economic crisis all resources lifted the legal activity to be retrieved and bound for the real economy in support of legal work, decent and sustainable. For this reason the Group S&D led the parliamentary request to open an investigation on organized crime, corruption and money laundering. Recent events, as the scandal on horse meat, showed all the potential of crime that thrives across borders in the internal market and the need for European responses, including through Europol, the proposal to establish the European public prosecutor and a treaty called TTIP. 2.7 This prevention should always be prioritized and should include the coordination of national police forces and promoting good practices. In the case of our work in combating terrorism, it covers internatio...