European Parliament
Manfred Weber - EPP (Germany)


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European Parliament, April 2017

Position Paper of Manfred Weber, European People's Party (Guillaume De Smet)

Topic A: The European Border and Coast Guard

There is an urgent need to increase the controls at the European external borders because of the Schengen Area’s weaknesses. The actual situation of overwhelming flux of migration often results in the reintroduction of controls at the internal borders of the EU state members. This clearly undermines the fundamental values of the EU and, moreover, infringes upon the principle of freedom of movement that is a cornerstone of the single market and of European citizenship, as detailed in Title IV of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. In that regard, the regulations, such as Regulation No. 1051/2013, that authorise temporary control at internal borders, should be removed as quickly as possible. It is the corresponding duty of the European Parliament (EP) to improve the security and protection of the EU’s external border. A first step has been realised by adopting the Regulation 2016/1624, that has created the European Border and Coast Guard. However, the European Parliament must still enact a directive that will foster the cooperation of states with the new European agency, and also foster the effectiveness of the agency’s actions.

The European People’s Party (EPP) recognises the importance of preserving state sovereignty and their sovereign powers regarding law enforcement such as police operations. However, our party reaffirms the importance of solidarity among the state members of the EU. The shortcomings of Frontex agency that have resulted in its failure must be addressed while...