Climate Summit


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Delegate: Tom Conti-Leslie, Lycée International Charles de Gaulle, France

Country: Japan

Topic 1: Measures Towards Safeguarding Marine Ecosystems

With a diversity and preciousness comparable to those of tropical rainforests on the mainland, marine ecosystems represent today an issue that has been largely overlooked for years. Not only do they host life, they also sustain it outside of the waters, and are responsible for much of the sustainability of the Earth as a whole. Yet marine ecosystems have long suffered from the side effects of efforts made on other sectors of the mainland, and today as the international community recognises this, it is indispensable for the United Nations, as a global organism capable of protecting such vulnerable systems, to take action.

Japan, as an island in a particularly prolific sea in terms of marine life, has long had the effects of the destruction of m...