Climate Summit
South Africa


Dominik Rehbaum

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Position Paper of South Africa for the Climate Summit

In many ways, climate change can be considered the bosses for the human race. It unites the very flaws of the human’s character, ranging from the wrestling for anticipated preventive measures to fundamental reluctance regarding incremental change. It is therefore particularly alarming that, despite more than 97 percent of global climate scientists expounding climate change’s enormous impact, the topic still succeeds to polarise the entire population. Heat waves and unimagined droughts, however, do not present fictive future scenarios for South Africa. Quite the contrary, while South Africa’s population suffers from the arriving consequences of climate change; urgent and comprehensive measures under an inclusive global institutional framework are inevitable to kick off the fight for a future to believe in.

Topic A: Measures Towards Safeguarding Marine Ecosystems

In the recently ever more expanding field of environmental concerns, marine ecosystem matters failed to emerge next to the prominence of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation or the restructuring of the energy sector on top of the global policy agenda. This is all the more astonishing given that oceans cover almost 70 percent of the surface of our planet. Although concerns vis-a-vis coastal development, overfishing and uniquely shipping industry development are far from substantial new, recent prominence of climate change research reinforces this burden dramatically. The international community, however, revealed to be rather reluctant to introduce promising measures in order to deal with the challenges. Even though the 2010 Convention of Biological Diversity Summit can be considere...