Climate Summit


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Position paper

Delegation of the Republic of Senegal represented by Maria Luisa Vargas Sámano

TOPIC A: A measures towards Safeguarding Marine Ecosystems

Senegal is bordered to the west by the North Atlantic Ocean, 700 km of oceanside length, our population depends on the marine resources. Our country has artisanal fishing, our ecosystems are being destroyed by people who have better fishing equipment than we do, our seas are full of waste. Since 1995, our resources have gone because of the high salinity of the Ocean and the absence of rain. The loss of our marine ecosystems not only affects us, we live in an interconnected cycle, indirectly or directly we share the oceans, that is why, the decisions of the large maritime industries, not only affect to part of a region, affects global natural cycle, safeguarding Marine Ecosystems engages us all.

We are concerned about marine ecosystems, as these are affect...