Climate Summit


Karen Sturm

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Committee: Climate Summit Topics: (A) Measures towards safeguarding marine ecosystems, (B) Measures towards cutting down CO2 level Country: Cameroon University: Maastricht University Delegates Name: Karen Sturm

Topic A: Measures towards safeguarding marine ecosystems

Cameroon has a 1,799km long coastline and connects in the north to the Chad Lake. An increase in temperatures has a direct effect on Cameroons coastline and underwater life, but also affects the great Lake Chad Basin. Rising temperatures are therefore not only threatening about 22% of our population that are living within close range of coasts, but also threatening complex ecosystems both in the ocean as well as the lake. Although it is only a small part of our maritime heritage, the drying up of Lake Chad, whose size has declined from 26,000 square kilometres in the 1950s to 1,500 square kilometres today, poses a threat to local communities and ecosystems. Cameroon is the fifth most bio diverse country on the continent, and an increase in temperatures, both on land and in the water, as well as an overfishing of our seas pose a great threat towards a collapse of biodiversity. The fight on the ocean betwee...