Climate Summit


Loïs Allard

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Position paper for the Climat Summit represented by Loïs Allard The republic of Nigeria is bordered to the South by the Atlantic Ocean. In total, there are 853 KM coastline. Port Harcourt is the capital of Nigeria and the main city for the oil industry but the fishing industry takes a major place in the economy of this country. In addition to this, among the main cities of Nigeria there is Onitsha, which is the city the most polluted in the world. Thus the problems that arise, concern the measures that can be taken concerning the protection of the marine environments and the reduction of the level of the CO2. Topic 1. Measures towards safeguarding maritime ecosystems Our planet is covered by 70% of maritime ecosystems and the human’s activities constitute a threat to the preservation of this ecosystems with for example ecological disasters. Indeed, the pollu...