Climate Summit


Phuong Tran

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Commonwealth of Australia

Represented by Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf

Position Paper for the Climate Summit

Climate change has been one of the most urgent issues of the international community in the past decades, and also the public (for example represented by influential NGOs like Greenpeace) has been participating in this debate for a long time. The emergence of climate and nature conservation is an internationally important issue we have to consider since we face various environmental problems worldwide (pollution, deforestation,…) and the present ozone layer depletion faces Australia in particular. To find possible solutions, the international community must cooperate and discuss each state’s responsibility to contribute in order to stop climate change.

Topic A: Measures towards safeguarding maritime ecosystems

As opposed to other environmental concerns such as GHG emissions and renewable energy sources, marine concerns have never been considered as equally important in international environmental agreements until very recently. First steps towards international attention were initiated with the Convention of Biological Diversity summit in 2010 resulted in the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets for 2020. Finally, in 2015, oceans obtained an international recognition as one of UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals as goal no. 14 – Life below water. During COP 21 in Paris, 22 countries (among them Australia) signed the “Because...