Climate Summit


Georgia Fekou

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Committee: Climate Summit Topics: Measures towards safeguarding marine ecosystems and Measures towards cutting down CO2 level Country: Belgium Delegate: Georgia Fekou

Anthropogenic climate change and its repercussions is undoubtedly a global issue which affects us all. Negotiations about ways and means that can help us deal with the current environmental issues are mainly conducted under the aegis of United Nations after the sign of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change treaty on 1992. It is important that countries have understood the necessary hard work they need to do in order to turn the promise of crucial agreements such as Kyoto Protocol(1997) and Paris Agreement(2015) into action. However, today, two of the most important environmental problems, atmospheric concentration of CO2 and need for protection of marine ecosystems, remain unresolved.

Belgium is a highly urbanised and densely populated country. Its environment is largely affected by the population density; industry and very intensive animal breeding and crop cultivation impose further pressures on air, soil, water resources, but due to consistent efforts in the environmental sector Belgium has made significant progress. What’s remarkable is that Belgium ranked in 2012 as the 24th country out of 132 for ...