Climate Summit


Fabian Grotsch

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Position Paper

Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan represented by Fabian Grotsch

Climate Summit EuroMUN 2017

Topic A: Measures towards Safeguarding Marine Ecosystems

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has 990 km of coastline, which still can be developed in favor of tourism, the industry and nature. However, marine resources suffer from severe degradation, which demands immediate action. We are intensely worried about the persistence of marine litter, overfishing, the vanishing of coral reefs and mangroves. Pakistan´s marine environment is especially vulnerable to the effects of global warming and the acidification of our oceans. There are several factors, which have to be duly considered when finding solutions. Commercial fishing, seaborne trade and tourism at the same time promote the economic upswing and the livelihood of the Karachi coastline people and damage Pakistan´s natural resources. We want to balance the depletion of nature and industrial development concerns and thus fight poor sanitation, poor sewage systems as well as untreated disposal of industrial effluents. Industrial development has to be feasible and sustainable. We want our industries to prosper, not only for short term gain, notwithstanding environmental protection. Now and in future Pakistan is ...