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Evelin Rizzo

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Position paper Delegation of Argentina by Evelin Rizzo Climate Summit EuroMUN 2017

Topic A: Measures towards Safeguarding Marine Ecosystems

Argentina is surrounded by one of the largest marine ecoregion in the world. The southwestern coastal zone, which extends for 1500 miles from Rio Negro to the Beagle Channel, is a natural resource of vital importance for the country’s economy and preservation of global biodiversity. Even though less than 2 % of the country’s population lives along the coast and the local average consumption of fishery products is considerable low, trade liberalization and increase in exports has resulted in unsustainable practices such as overfishing, which mostly harms biodiversity.

Recognizing the importance of this marine region not only to Argentina’s economy but also to the global protection of biodiversity, several strategies have been developed in the past years. Notably, UNDP and GEF partnered to secure the biodiversity of the area through two long-term projects, starting in 1991. Firstly, the Patagonian Coastal Management Plan, aimed at providing the necessary tools ...