Climate Summit


Amber Coone

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Position Paper

The Delegation of the Republic of India to the Climate Summit

Represented by Amber Coone

Topic A - Measures towards safeguarding Maritime Ecosystems

Approximately twenty percent of India’s 1.3 billion inhabitants live in a coastal region. With a coastline spanning over 7500 kilometers and such a large number of people living in the vicinity of the ocean, the Indian people are very vulnerable to climate change effects such as the rising sea level. In recent years India has seen coastal corrosion putting civilians at risk for coastal flooding. The need to prevent the degradation of maritime ecosystems and further climate change effects in the oceans is thus very clear to the Indian government, although it should be noted that it is not the only matter of concern to the government. However, seeing both the risks and potential of having a large coastline, the government believes a holistic approach is needed in order to tackle these issues. It believes that stimulating the blue economy within the boundaries of both nationally and internationally defined limits, can help towards safeguarding maritime ecosystems and improving living conditions of the people.

The Republic of India has undertaken a number of national actions, which it believes could and should be taken by other nations as well. A first of these is t...