Natasia Winoto

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Country: Austria

Topic A: Tackling the Global Issue of Child Malnutrition through Social Reform, Food Production, and Distribution of Lunch

The negative impact of child malnutrition is unquestionable, both for long terms and short terms. Undernutrition, one of the form of malnutrition, contributes to nearly half of all children under 5 death in Asia and Africa, and more than one-third of all the child deaths. Malnutrition closely link with several physical and cognitive development issue, that in long term run can resulted in weaker health and productivity--all negative impact that would possess not only the health and economical burden, but also the threat for global citizen’s quality of health and lives.

The international community had shown strong commitment as well as taken various effort in tackling malnutrition, namely the 1974 Declaration on the Eradication of Hunger and Malnutrition and the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition from 2016-2025. WHO, alongside with UNICEF and The World Bank together working on Joint Child Malnutrition Estimates, in order to know better the malnutrition statistics.

Austria has established new extended Austrian Food Model, where agriculture and food system governance have an essential role to address the challenges and can effectively contribute to alleviate the negative consequences of food insecurity and malnutrition. Austria aware that agricultural policie...