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Topic A : Tackling the global issue of child malnutrition through social reform, food production and distribution of Lunch

Today, child malnutrition should not only be seen as one of many aims the world set out to resolve, but as one of the most urgent, significant and important. Indeed, child nutrition is a highly multidimensional problem taking roots in social, political, geographical, demographic problems and spreading its consequences on child mortality, social progress, economic opportunities and is nowadays a major barrier to achieving development. Undernutrition represents the single largest killer of under-five children, 2 to 3 percent of some countries’ GDP wasted in declining productivity as well as long reaching consequences on the population, locking them into poverty and health problems. These numbers should therefore be looked as a great challenge, only reachable through cooperation and with the hope provided by the raising of the international awareness on the matter.

Sweden is nowadays one of the most food-secure countries in the world and has kept a specific focus on its’ p...