Daniel Christ

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Topic A: Tackling the global issue of child malnutrition through social reforms, food production and distribution of Lunch

795 Million people starve of hunger every day. It appears that every ninth person in this world has not enough to eat or deficiency syndromes caused by malnutrition. This huge number of starving people makes hunger the greatest risk of health worldwide. Those who suffer this intolerably conditions the most are the weakest of our societies. Children. We lose 3 million children under the age of 5 that every year, 3 million begs for help we didn’t answer.

Therefore, it is us, the states at WHO, especially those with a great economic power that have to react and use their financial capacity to fight this. The International Health Regulation is the international framework we need, to adjust our efforts. Just as every member state should strengthen its efforts in following the Volunta...