Desti Pratiwi

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: 1. Tackling the global issue of child malnutrition through social reform, food production and distribution of Lunch 2. Establishing a strategic coordination mechanism between state and non-state actors in medical emergencies

“Let the food be the medicine, and let the medicine be the food” - Hippocrates

The situation of malnutrition in Nepal is alarming. According to NDHS 2011, 41% of under five year olds are stunted, 29% are underweight and 11% are wasted indicating early chronic malnutrition. The term that used in malnutrion is a specific measure of the height and weight of a child compared to the age of the child, and it is indicative of how well the child is developing cognitively. Thoose statement means that malnutrition reduces a child’s survival chances, causes permanent impairment of physical development, and perpetuates poverty by reducing achievement in school and future earnings. Examines the causes of malnutrion in Nepal, it is important to highlight on food insecurity as one of the biggest contributing factors on stunting in Nepal. Rugged hills and mountains comprise 77 percent of the country’s total land area, where 52 percent of Nepal’s 27 million people live. Food insecurity is worst in the central and far western regions of the country; the prevalance of stunting in these areas is also extreme, with rates above 60 percen...