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Positon Paper 1 Committee: World Health Organisation Topic: Tackling the global issue of child malnutrition through social reform, food production and distribution of lunch Country: Republic of Madagascar Delegate: Charlotte C. Joosten, Maastricht Univeristy

“Undernutrition contributes to nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 and is widespread in Africa and Asia.” This leads to a loss of young lives totalling 3 million each year. Undernutrition increases the risk for young children to easily get infections and result in delayed recoveries. Further, poor nutrition within the first 1,000 days of a new born can cause even worse stunting for the future. Poor nutrition means that women often do not reach their full growth potential until they are 21, by which time many are already mothers. Nevertheless, malnutrition starts way earlier before a baby is even born. It begins with the health of the mother and the development of her pregnancy. Tackling the issue of child malnutrition has been, especially, critical for the Republic of Madaga...