Michael Polevoy
United States

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Hungarian Position Paper - Michael Polevoy

Committee - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Topic A - Regulation on treatment of refugees attempting to cross borders

Topic B - Increasing international responsibility through global resettlement policy

Hungary, as an active supporter of safety and security globally, wishes to continue to protect the rights of international borders and state sovereignty, as granted by the seventh clause of article 2 of the UN charter . To achieve this goal, Hungary has invested much in border security , and has initiated an increase in its border patrol personnel size.

Since, the beginning of the Middle East's deterioration in 2001, its exacerbation following the 2011 Arab Spring and Syrian civil war, and the perpetual fighting between different African countries, groups, and insurgents, the global refugee issue has become the global refugee crisis. There are currently 21.3 million refugees flooding countries worldwide , while their own countries are in a state of chaotic anarchy. These wandering refugees seek help from criminals and smugglers who abuse them and violate them in the worst ways im...