Daniela Brandt

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Ukraine Position Paper – Daniela Brandt

Committee – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Topic A – Regulation on treatment of refugees attempting to cross borders

Topic B – Increasing international responsibility through a global resettlement policy

Being one of the UNHCR's 'Standing Committee Observer States', Ukraine appreciates the global cooperation and fills in this position with pride and sense of duty. In 1994 the UNHCR established ts presence in Ukraine, in order to help refugees coming to Ukraine to find refuge, protection and support from the international community. Eight years later, in 2002, Ukraine consented to the Convention concerning the status of refugees from 1957, and the accompanying Option Protocol from 1967, adopting the international definition of a refugee. In 2013 the Ukrainian assent to the 1954 Stateless Persons Convention and to the Reduction of Statelessness Convention, 1961, followed.

Ukraine is involved first hand in the refugee crisis, both as a country of origin and a host country.
Since the Crimean crisis and the Eastern Ukraine conflict broke out in 2014, more than two million Ukrainian faced the loss of their home and the urge t...