Mariam Naved

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COMMITTEE: UNHCR DELEGATE: Mariam Naved Khan COUNTRY: Iraq Topic A: Regulation on treatment of refugees attempting to cross borders

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has been taking measures to secure and bolster displaced people as per the requirement of the government of the nations and the UN body itself while aiding them with the their repatriation procedures along with local integration and resettlement. The 1951 Convention describing the Status of Refugees is the establishment on the basis of which the worldwide arrangement of refugee guardianship is constructed. Provisions of the Convention, especially pertinent to asylum-seeking notion stipulate restriction on any legal actions for unlawful entry, (Article 31), debarment of refugees and on refoulement. However, as a result of the increasing crime rates and terrorist activities globally, countries are becoming wary of accepting refugees at the risk of their national security.

The standard forbidding the return of the refugees to the regions where their lives are prone to danger is perhaps the single most instrumental security guideline revered in the 1951 Convention. In any case, determinants influ...