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Committee: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Country: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Delegate: Sílvia Caufapé, University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona

Topic A: Regulation on treatment of refugees attempting to cross borders

4.578 people drowned in the Mediterranean last year in an attempt to escape war and misery. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is deeply concerned with this phenomenon, given that our country is where most refugees arriving to Europe come from, after Syria. Therefore, we acknowledge a shared responsibility to manage this specific and all large movements of refugees and migrants in a humane and people-centred manner, by means of international cooperation. Resolution 71/1 approved this past September, the so called ‘New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants’, provides specific guidelines and measures for further action, which Afghanistan greets and encourages to pursue.

We are witnessing in today’s world an unprecedented level of human mobility. There are 65 million forcibly displaced persons, including over 21 million refugees. Moreover, Afghanistan acknowledges its importance in this unfortunate situation, since we have suffered through a tumultuous modern history, and have an internal armed conflict under action. Thus, we are grateful for the invaluable actions done by the UNHCR and many NGOs. However, we constantly witness how millions of people see their freedom of movement taken away, and we strongly believe that internat...