South Africa


Dominik Schwab

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The Republic of South Africa

United Nations Disarmament and International Security Committee

Delegate: Dominik Schwab, MUNAM e.V.

Topic 1:

Prevention of non-state actors with chemical and biological weapons

In a globalised world that sees metropolitan areas more and more crowded and citizens more and more mobile, biological and chemical weapons pose a most imminent threat to international peace and security. Scientific and technological progress allows production of critical amounts of chemical and biological agents in a relatively inexpensive way. This makes it additionally important for the international community to fight the creation and proliferation of these weapons on one hand, and, on the other hand, to establish actual prevention and response mechanisms within each country. While progress has been made concerning the destruction of the world’s stockpiles of chemical weapons (93% of it destroyed by October 2016), as agreed upon in the 1997 CWC, recent events in Syria have shown that the chemical option is still present in military tactics. Considering the ...