Saudi Arabia


Lisette Somsen

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European Model United Nations Country: Saudi Arabia Committee: Disarmament and International Security Council Topic: Prevention of Non-State actors with Chemical and Biological Weapons Organisation: Leiden Model United Nations Foundation

As the conflict in Syria escalates, more reports and suspicions of the use of chemical weapons come to light. Horrid images of civilians who have lost their lives to chemical warfares are shown around the world. The appearance of these substances in war has proven to the international community there is still a lot of work to be done in eradicating all production, storage and use of chemical and or biological weapons. The struggle in this is that the good work that has already been done by the United Nations, could potentially fall useless as diplomatic control over insurgent groups and other non governmental terrorist organisations is extremely difficult. As an international community, all member states of the United Nations made a commitment against the proliferation of non conventional weaponry. However insurgent and terrorist grou...