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Delegation: The Kingdom of the Netherlands

Committee: DISEC

TOPIC A: Prevention of non-state actors with chemical and biological weapons

The delegation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is deeply concerned by the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons (CBW) that threatens world peace. The civil war in Syria recently demonstrated once again that both state and non-state actors were able to obtain such weapons. From the very first convention on bacteriological and chemical weapons (CWT) banning such weapons in 1972, the Netherlands has been in favor of an uncompromising ban of such weapons. It homes the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which entered into force in 1997 and requires State Parties not to develop, produce, acquire, stockpile or retain, transfer, use, or make military preparations to use chemical weapons. [1]

In resolution 2325 from 2016, the Security Council found there had been an increase in the number of legally binding measures adopted by States with the aim of preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destru...