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Topics: Prevention of non state actors with chemical and biological weapons / Defining legitimacy in weapons trade; increasing responsibility of producers and trading partners Country: People's Republic of Bangladesh Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)

__Because of rapid advances in the field of sciences and the emergence of non-state actors, the threat of chemical weapons is not receding and the UN needs to redouble its efforts to strengthen and universalize the two key Conventions (BTWC and CWC, signed by Bangladesh), to implement strictly the UNSC Resolution 1540 and to control arms trade flows through an addition to the ATT.

__Endorsing its membership in the Non-Aligned Movement, Bangladesh has always taken a strong stance in favour of world disarmament, especially concerning nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction like biological or chemical weapons. Bangladesh denounces the complacency and unwillingness of major military powers to move seriously towards disarmament, especially given the current situation in the Middle East. It remains focused on achieving development by tackling the Sustainable Development G...