Iran, Islamic Republic of


Jonathan Walsh
United Kingdom

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Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee Country: Iran Delegate: Jonathan Walsh Topic A: Prevention of non-state actors with chemical and biological weapons

It has never been easier for non-state actors to act like a state. Modern technology has brought communication systems that have made it relatively straightforward for these actors to construct and communicate the symbols and sentiments that underlie statehood. The central threat in this regard is the use of illegitimate violence from such groups. The delegation of Iran recognises the potential for widespread destruction and devastation that chemical and biological weapons hold, despite being relatively easy to construct. The threat this poses to the sovereignty of states is unparalleled. With this increasingly tense climate, it becomes particularly pertinent for DISEC to restrict the extent to which destabilising groups can access the raw materials, means of communication, and lines of transport that uphold this dangerous practice.

Having suffered the terrible consequences of chemical warfare in the early 1980’s during the infamous Iraq-Iranian wars, the delegation of Iran is all too aware of the inhumane suffering such weapo...