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Topic 1: Prevention of non state actors with chemical and biological weapons

Following the most recent chemical attacks in Khan Shaykhun Syria in April 2017 killing around 74 people and letting more than 557 injured the United States is fully aware of the major threat caused by chemical and biological weapons. However having both state actors as well as non state actors involved in this issue causes severe problems in tackling this issue. Not belonging to any established institution or even a state cause a severe problem to the International Community as they cannot directly be targeted by the UN and its different bodies. In regions like Iraq and Syria the threat of using chemical and biological weapons by armed non state actors still exists due to a lack of enforcement of UN resolutions and therefore it is highly important not only to prevent those terrorist groups like the Islamic State from the usage of WMD but also to destroy these kind of weapons under all circumstances.

Having already passed S/RES/1540 and as a consequence of the chemical attack in Ghouta Syria in 2013 also S/RES/2188 the United States strongly supports the guideline set by the UN in abolishing both BW and CW. However the enforcement of the resolution only applies successfully to sate actors but not to armed non state actors which until today still have limited acc...