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Jannis Jansen

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Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers:

The nation of Sierra Leone strongly calls for measures to be taken to reduce the violence in Central Africa, as well as the recruitment of child soldiers. Sierra Leone itself is still affected by social disruption caused by conflicts between military and paramilitary groups, in which recruitment of child soldiers has played a big role. Therefore, Sierra Leone fears a recurrence of violence because of conflict in nearby countries. During Sierra Leone's civil war (1991–2002) there were on the one hand rebel groups forcing children to join its ranks and engage in combat. And on the other hand the government justified its own use of child soldiers as a kind of social-welfare program to prevent the children getting recruited by the rebels. After years of violence and the abuse of children,socially seen Sierra Leone is still ranked 183. according to the Human Development Index (HDI). A peaceful and structured Central Afr...