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Sarah Wölper

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Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers

A war is always a bad thing, especially when it is a civil war. The Seychelles are not affected directly by the Second Central African civil war, which started in 2012. Even though the Seychelles are a member of the African union, who are helping by sending troops and other resources, the Seychelles have not participated. The Seychelles do not even have 100000 inhabitants, of which 650 belong to the Seychelles People’s Defence Force. This are to less to help with the 200 army soldiers, as the remaining 450 are maritime or air soldiers. Since its independence in 1976 the Seychelles have never been in a war or conflict.

None the less, those wars lead to fleeing people, who have nothing to lose. Those people become pirates, who endanger the whole trade and the fishing, which is an important part of the Seychelles’ economy.

Therefore, but not only bec...