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Lukas Nelle

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1. Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers

The Republic of Senegal is often considered as a crutch in western Africa due to its democratic government and granting of basic human rights. Nevertheless, Senegal is struggling with several economic, sanitary and above all social problems since the country is still a developing country. Extreme poverty, the lack of access to sufficient medicine and energy and food scarcity are threatening the Senegalese citizens every day. These are good reasons for the government to concentrate on the domestic political issues. However, they recognize international responsibility to ensure non-violence. Suffered from their own civil wars in the twentieth century, Senegal empathizes with victims in the civil war in the Central African Republic and strongly calls for measures in order to embank violence and the recruitment of child soldiers.

Hence, Senegal collaborates with many other countries and is...