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Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers

“Peace and security combined with economic development can only be achieved through multilateral efforts”. Fradique de Menezes, President of Sao Tome and Principe, 2009.

War in Africa has been, unfortunately, something common. Since independence, war has spread itself like an illness in the great majority of African countries and destroying the social coexistence of different ethnicities, peoples and cultures. We cannot allow that. Africa is a crucible of diversities united by two main principles: peace and development. We, the African people, should cooperate in order to leave behind those old conflicts anchored in our colonial memory and face the progress of mutual cooperation, multilateralism and peace for all. That is why we built this great African Union, only because we believe that Africa should be united in peace and respect.

Sao Tome and Principe is really concerned about the problems that Central African Republic is facing. It is difficult to forget the terrible history of our continent with regard of presidents who never abandoned their chair despite of the opinion of the population, but we believe that Central African Republic will not follow this terrible fate. We left behind years of violations of human rights and, nowadays, w...