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Shari Seeger

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Committee: African Union Country: Namibia Delegate Name: Shari Seeger University: Maastricht University

The Delegation of Namibia is deeply concerned about the foreign exploitation of natural resources. The African continent is so rich in resources and yet our population is still poor. Many nations have failed to turn these riches into benefits for their masses. Thus, the African countries need to come together to find solutions to make our economies and populations more prosperous.

In the past, many foreign companies have taken advantage of unstable conditions and corruption and have used their power to exploit those countries. But governments have allowed this kind of exploitation and should now take initiative to change the existing conditions. The first step that should be taken is renegotiation of contracts. The African countries need to realize that they have more bargaining power than they used to believe. The power that in inherent in the scarcity of important resources and minerals should not be underestimated. However, government policies o...