African Union


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Committee: African Union

Country: The Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Topic: Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers

Violent ethnic, religious and border conflicts, civil wars, and genocide weakens stability in countries in Africa, as this instability is caused by political, economic and ideological contradictions and corruption. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania supports the UN Security Council’s wish to restore state authority in CAR to stabilize the region. The African Union needs to focus on cooperation that looks beyond political disagreements between member states to increase efforts to promote stabilization in conflict-torn CAR and prevent the recruitment and military use of children as soldiers.

Despite a history of military coups and military rule, there has not been a direct impact on the Islamic Republic of Mauritania by the conflicts in Central Africa. Through the flow of refugees from northern Mali, Mauritania is exposed to the situation of children in arms. Mauritania has signed and ratified the CRC...