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Tobias Schmall

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Delegation of the Republic of Mauritius

Represented by Tobias Schmall

Position Paper for the African Union

  1. Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers

Alarmed by the increasingly negative developments in the Central African Republic (CAR) during the past 5 years concerning massive human rights abuses and genocide tendencies, the Republic of Mauritius strongly calls for measures to be taken to stop the current military and paramilitary conflicts in and around the sovereign territory of the CAR. The critical situation is basically caused by the civil war, which is fought by members of former Muslim Séléka rebellion and Christian Anti-balaka against each other and the armed forces of the CAR, who receive i.a. logistically support by the Republic of France and South Africa. According to the non-governmental organization “Human Rights Watch” (HRW), the population of the CAR faces steadily human rights abuses such as violence and sexual abuse of civilians, including children. Estimated 461,000 people are refugees while 421,700 more are internally displaced. Recognizing the efforts of the current transitional government in establishing a functional internal security concept, forecasting the futu...