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Committee: African Union Country: Mali

Topic 1: Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers.

Mali’s most acute security problem is the lack of meaningful control of its Northern provinces. The North of the country is mostly ungoverned and various armed groups and extremist groups operate in the region, using it often as a base to carry out extremist and terrorist attacks in the rest of the country or even in other neighboring countries. Mali is militarily and institutionally weak to confront effectively religious, political, ideological or economic terrorism and violence. And this violence takes many forms, most common of which are physical attacks and child-soldier recruiting. The most effective course to counter terrorism consists of the following interconnected and interdependent pillars. 1.International and regional cooperation and assistance. Military cooperation and institutional strengthening. Mali is very helpful and active in this aspect. It cooperates closely with the UN, the US and France on a military and institutional level. Militarily, France and the UN assist the Malian Army to carry out operations. Mali continues to rely heavily on the UN Multidimensional Int...