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Committee: African Union Country: Liberia Name: Mohammad Rahimuddin Imad

Topic A: Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers

The problem in Central African Republic (CAR) has been a long standing one that has plagued the country with ethnic division, internally displaced persons and human right violations. After reaching independence, the country entered into a cycle of 10-year presidents, where each one of them captured the state and built on top of it a system of ethnic exclusivity, profiteering and nepotism.

The conflict between two warring parties and their dissent towards the government has taken form of a rampant civil war, killing thousands of citizens and displacing over 1,000,000. Weak governmental institutions and unequipped military units together with easy availability of arms and munitions have further exacerbated the crisis in the region. The internal communal viol...