African Union


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TOPIC 1 | Reducing violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and the recruitment of child soldiers

“Desperate is an understatement”. Using these words, former U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described the horrible situation in Central Africa. The civil war with various armed groups threatens the life of millions of people. Blood and thunder are part of every day. The people experience unimaginable atrocities and especially the most vulnerable human beings, our children, are suffering from it. It is high time for the African community to finally join forces and end this brutal civil war.

The policy of the Republic of Ghana is guided by the principles of Pan-Africanism. Thus, Ghana supports passionately the unifying and cooperative ideas of the African Union for the good of the African people. The establishment of peace is one of the main goals. When an African state is not able to prevent harm to its own population but rather allows violence and ...