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Dillon Andoro

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African Union Djibouti Position Paper Topic A: Reducing Violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups and recruitment of child soldiers

The issue of violence in Central African civil war has ensued to such disparity that it has recommended at least regional, if not international, attention. Ranging from 3000 to 6000 worth of casualties up to date, the issue of Central African civil war has been made an international concern, both on the side of security and humanitarian aspect of the conflict. The issue itself had signalled an alarming level of attention, as of 2014 is proclaimed to be ‘potentially genocidal’ towards the seleka rebel groups which comprises of muslim minorities against the Christian majorities of Anti-Balaka militants. what has made the problem so intricate is the blurred limitations and bloc positioning between disputing parties. The conflict had inflicted an estimation of 384,500 amount of internally displaced citizens, in contribution of the total 2,3 million estimation of people in dire need of humanitarian access. An especially disturbing fact is the amount of involved child soldier in the war had came to a conclusion that these individuals are socially deconstructed from society and thus are merely expendable weapons of war, in which all conflicting parties are perpetrators of child soldier recruitment and abuse. One particular point hoped to be contained in the resolution is recovery attempts to bring back these childrens back to society.

As a relatively stable and steadily developing state, Djibouti expresses its tribulation in hope of quickly resolving this matter,one of the most feasible options are to refer to institutional aid. Djibouti has been actively participating as a member of African Union Peace and Security Council. Other than that, Djibouti had various experiences concerning management like the Ethiopian and Yemeni crisis up to late. Thus Djibouti value the contribution and lackluster execution of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2127 on mandates on Central African Republic on protection of civilians and restoring state authority. This stance is backed by supportive actions as a memb...