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Rahmadina Naripati

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POSITION PAPER   Delegation     : Benin Council        : African Union Topic A        : Reducing Violence in Central Africa Between Military and Paramilitary Groups and The Recruitment of Child Soldiers   The Republic of Benin considers the violence in Central Africa between military and paramilitary groups also the recruitment of child soldiers as the gravest dangers facing Africa today. The presence of a large number of victim caused by the conflict of CAR or the Central African Republic is regarded as a serious issue. The Republic of Benin sees the attack on civilians as an abuse of human rights, based on the data from the union for peace in the Central African Republic in the late of 2014 and early 2015 at least there are 120 people killed and burned hundreds of homes in the road also the civilians continued to bear the brunt of the fighting and armed groups raped and sexually assaulted women and girls. An estimated 467,800 people, the majority of them Muslim, remained refugees in neighboring countries and a further 384,300 remained internally displaced. Therefore, it is essential for the member of African Union to take full responsible for maintenance the security and peace for Central Africa including human rights violation in Central Africa. Particularly, the Republic of Benin believes that to counter the violations that happened in Ce...