African Union


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Topic 1: The disastrous civil war in the Central African Republic (CAR) that killed and wounded tens of thousands is one of the most striking challenges for our organization with an impact that goes beyond the borders. We as African Union need to focus on this particular conflict and accept our given responsibility to contribute to its solution. It is our humanitarian plight that commits us to take on the situation in the CAR and assist our sister nation to master the tremendous task to establish peace.

Furthermore, the People’s Republic of Algeria is keen to stress the cross-border implications of the instability in the country, which are affecting the regional order and should therefore be a matter of concern for all the African nations. Illicit trafficking of arms and depletion of resources together with a lack of state authority are the ideal fertile ground for transnational militias and terrorist groups to thrive and pose therefore a threat to the whole continent.

In this regard, Algeria highly appreci...