Maria Tomai

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Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard

During the last years, Europe has been greatly concerned about the security of its External Borders. The Member States of the Schengen area enjoy the free movement of people, a unique symbol of European integration, trust and cooperation. The refugee crisis, however, has brought a feeling of insecurity and a reason of re-examining the readiness of Europe to protect and control efficiently its borders. Between January and November 2015 an estimated 1.5 million persons have crossed the EU external borders illegally – an all-time peak, while according to one of the latest Eurobarometer surveys, 71 percent of Europeans want the EU to do more to protect the union’s external borders. It has become increasingly clear that those challenges cannot be adequately dealt with by individual Member States acting in an uncoordinated manner. The main role of the European Border and Coast Guard, which has been recently launched, is to help provide integrated border management at the external borders. It will ensure the effective manage...